Mike Bennett moved from Central Pennsylvania to Portland, Oregon in the winter of 2016. He studied Art Education, Computer Design, Illustration and Animation at Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania and proceeded to chase a dream in illustration and character design immediately after his graduation in 2012. Passionate about the outdoors and lacking a proximity to a community with an appreciation for art, Mike's move to Portland was an easy choice. With encouragement from friends, family and followers; Mike pursues his dream of being a full time artist by tackling various illustrative "challenges" and constant creation in his free time. Mike also teaches at a private preschool in NE Portland. Working alongside children allows Mike to keep in touch with his ever-present inner child, keeping his dreams of being an illustrator alive (even during the work day.) Grateful for an amazing support group and a motivation that rarely ceases; Mike hopes to attain his goals of working in a creative field full-time as soon as he can. Until then, he's happy to draw every day and bring smiles to as many faces as he can.


Cartoon Network, Comedy Central, @Midnight, Will. I. Am., Funny or Die, Kenny Chesney's Blue Chair Bay Rum.